Valfortec moved last Friday August 23rd, to Izmir (Aegean Region) Turkish town, where the headquarters of Konar Energy is located. The trip, led by the general director of Valfortec, Fidel Roig, has been scheduled with the aim of visiting Tolga Özdemir, CEO of the organization, as well as the rest of his trusted technical team. The meeting has been very appropriate when exchanging different positions when it comes to fully addressing a photovoltaic projecct in both Spain and Turkey, as well as in other countries where both companies have presence. In addition, the possibility of being able to collaborate in some projects jointly was also discussed, adding both all the experience accumulated during the last decade.

Once there, the CEO of the Turkish company, showed to Fidel Roig and the rest of Valfortec´s team some photovoltaic parks executed by Konar Energy in a very in a very close area of the city where they have their headquarters. The Spanish team also had the opportunity to visit the central offices and some members of its team.

Tolga Özdemir traveled to Castellón during last July to visit both Valfortec headquarters and some of the photovoltaic plants developed during the last year in the province of Castellón. Tolga was accompained at all times by Fidel Roig and some members of different departments of Valfortec.

Konar Energy was founded in Turkey in 2013 and already has a large background in the development and execution of photovoltaic installations. His experience is around 80 MW installed in different countries as Turkey, Italy, Greece or Japan itself. Their exhaustive and perfect knowledge of the sector, allows them to fully address several areas, such as engineering, construction and maintenance.