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How do we help the environment?

In Valfortec we are pioneers in the promotion and distribution of clean energy. We are aware of the necessity that rules a society concerned with respect and protection of our environment, which is why we commit ourselves to always maintain a positive and respectful attitude both regarding the natural environment and the society taking an active part. Right from the drawing board our projects are designed considering environmental aspects.

Our energy does not pollute and we avoid burning fossil fuels to produce electricity. This way we manage to avoid the greenhouse effect or acid rain.


More than 400 PV plants.
We avoid 18,532 Tons of CO2 with our energy.
We produce energy for more than 25,000 homes.


We participate in events with activities for raising environmental awareness in society.

Educational Workshop & Visits

In Valfortec we understand that it is necessary to infuse sustainable and healthy habits from a very early age. That is why, we organize environmental workshops and group visits to learn about how a PV installation works.