A pioneer in managing &

developing green energies

We completely deal with all the necessary

steps to install photovoltaic plants

Clear and defined expansion plan

designed by a professional motivated

team with great experience.

We are committed

with the environment

Generating energy on

3 continents 365 days a year

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Valfortec is a benchmark company on the renewable energies sector, founded in Castellon and dedicated to the developmentgestion and commissioning of the photovoltaic plants.

The company is a pioneer in solar energy and it is active in the renewables business since the year 2005, bringing its technological experience to design the installations.

We undertook all steps necessary to install the photovoltaic plants, from viability study to the legal and administrative aspects, as well as design, construction, operation and maintenance of the plants.

Valfortec carries out its business in countries like the UK, Ireland, Japan, United States of America and Chile, with headquarters in each of them.

Valfortec diversifies its business in the search of new technologies based on generation and management of the energy. These are some activities that we are developing:

PV Self-consumption

In Spain first steps have been taken towards a new energy model, electrical energy self-consumption, which enables consumers to generate part of the electricity consumed in their homes or businesses.

Until recently the electrical self-consumption was reserved for homes and businesses without grid connection. This opens up opportunities to the generation of renewables energies connected to the consumer internal network.


Natural and energy resources availability is decreasing and it has an increase of cost. For this reason a streamlining of these resources is required and to adopt sustainable development strategies. A good way is to reduce energy consumption, maintaining the same energy services, protecting the environment and encourage sustainability.

This is achieved by carrying out an Energy Audit to fully understand the energy consumption, the costs and to examine possible improvements to reduce the energy costs for managing the available energy resources in an effective way.