The Spanish Government removes the 7% Sun Tax

Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Ecologic Transition of the Spanish Government announced yesterday during her intervention at the Congress of Diputies that the Excutive will propose a package of actions to combat the unstable electric energy Price in Spain. The action will assure that all the consumers, more especially, underprivileged class ones, could get an…


Valfortec receives a FIEM Credit from the Government of Spain

Valfortec received positive news the last Friday 2nd of June regarding the company internationalization strategy in Japan: the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain approved four credits from the Fund for the Internationalization of Enterprise (FIEM Credits), one of them was assigned to Valfortec. Thanks to the award of this…


Fidel Roig (Valfortec) enters in Renertia Management Solar SCR as CEO

The formal nomination of Fidel Roig (General Manager of Valfortec) as CEO of Renertia Gestion Solar SCR (a venture capital management company specializing in renewable energy, headquartered in Logroño) was held in Logroño (La Rioja) the last week. The main objective of this Venture Capital Company is to obtain the investment through the purchase of…


Valfortec running race by La Serra d’en Galceran it was success

Last Saturday, July 23 rd took place in ”La Serra d’en Galceran” the Valfortec’s running race. The recognised sport appointment, which featured a high volumen of participation, it started at 8:00 o’clock in the morning from “Plaça de Castelló” (La Serra d’en Galceran). Participants had to complete a 21 km tour and a drop of…


Valfortec supporting the province of Castellón (Spain) sports

The running race “XVIII Volta a peu a la Serra d’en Galceran (Castellón, Spain)” will be sponsored by Valfortec one more year. This is a strategic move that has two defined objectives: promote the sport in the province of Castellón (Spain) and stimulate and promote mountain tourism within the term of the Serra d’en Galceran…


Valfortec supports “Amics Castelló” basketball team one more season

“Amics del Basquet Castelló Club”, a spanish basketball team from Castellón city, has already begun preparing his second season in LEB ORO Basketball League. The first point wich has been addressed from their offices has been to launch a fun and aggressive campaign that aims to get about 2,000 subscribers. The communication campaign, called “#SuperAmics”,…


“Amics Castelló” basketball team visits Valfortec

Valfortec Headquarters (Castellón) received a complete representation of the “Club Amics del Bàsquet Castelló” (Castellón basketball team) last monday, specially two of its teams: the first team and the Junior A team. This visit was part of the visits program made by the equipment to all its sponsors and partners. Last monday was the turn for Valfortec.  Players from both teams, their coaches,…