Valfortec visits the headquarters of Konar Energy in Turkey

Valfortec moved last Friday August 23rd, to Izmir (Aegean Region) Turkish town, where the headquarters of Konar Energy is located. The trip, led by the general director of Valfortec, Fidel Roig, has been scheduled with the aim of visiting Tolga Özdemir, CEO of the organization, as well as the rest of his trusted technical team.…


Fidel Roig (Valfortec) enters in Renertia Management Solar SCR as CEO

The formal nomination of Fidel Roig (General Manager of Valfortec) as CEO of Renertia Gestion Solar SCR (a venture capital management company specializing in renewable energy, headquartered in Logroño) was held in Logroño (La Rioja) the last week. The main objective of this Venture Capital Company is to obtain the investment through the purchase of…


Valfortec opens a new delegation in Chile

The new Valfortec delegation will incorporate to Mariano López, who has a great experience in the energy sector, since he has developed much of his professional career in the renewable energy sector. This new commitment of Valfortec will allow to begin to settle in the South American country looking forward to develop new photovoltaic projects.…